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What is Our Competitive Advantage?

b1.gif (814 bytes) Being able to develop as well as generate commitment to:
b1.gif (814 bytes) business strategy,
b1.gif (814 bytes) performance measurement, and
b1.gif (814 bytes) alternate work organisation options that improve efficiency and effectiveness;
b1.gif (814 bytes) Awareness of and sensitivity to:
b1.gif (814 bytes) the market,
b1.gif (814 bytes) the organisational climate, and
b1.gif (814 bytes) the industrial climate;
b1.gif (814 bytes) Operating in culturally diverse organisations;
b1.gif (814 bytes) Ability to effectively communicate, liaise with, train and coach managers and other employees;
b1.gif (814 bytes) Hands-on implementation of change initiatives; and
b1.gif (814 bytes) Experience in producing and facilitating "how to" training packages.

Our competitive advantage has ensured that for the past 3 years, 85% of our annual income has come from a wide range of clients whom we have worked for in previous years.


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