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Our Approach to Consulting

EMD’s motto is “Partners in Progress” which sums up our approach with our clients. EMD Workforce Development’s approach focuses on specifically identifying the outcomes desired by the client and establishing a methodology, and an assessment process to track the delivery of the outcomes. 

For each project we identify a set of KPI’s with our client. This then becomes the focus for our activities and is regularly reviewed with the client.   Project outcomes do change as the clients needs become clearer and more defined.  The project planning and reporting cycles take this into account and facilitate changes to the project outcomes. 

The next defining element of our methodology is to ensure there is maximum buy-in to the project outcomes by all the stakeholders.

A high level of ownership is also generated in the methodology to deliver the outcomes.  We work with stakeholders to ensure that the program meets their needs and that it is tailored to the specific requirements of the work environment.  The tailoring of programs to ensure organisational fit and the generation of buy-in by all stakeholders are the cornerstones of our consulting methodologies. 

Post implementation, we focus on accessing the effectiveness of the intervention against the KPIs agreed.  Assessment takes place in the short and long term hence, often we are engaged in accessing the effectiveness of our intervention 12 months down the track to ensure that the agreed outcomes are fully realised.  

We stand by our consulting processes and often engage with clients on the basis that our rewards are tied to contracted outcomes.


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