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Leading The Way Through Process Engineering & Improvement

What is a Process?

bblue.gif (807 bytes) Making lunch is a process. process-eng.jpg (14725 bytes)
bblue.gif (807 bytes) Building a house is a process.
bblue.gif (807 bytes) Supplying product to a customer is a process.
bblue.gif (807 bytes) Invoicing a customer is a process.
In fact all work that produces a result is a process. Results are the product of processes.

EMD's Program Objectives

bblue.gif (807 bytes) Conduct a review of, and document, work processes with a view to identifying:
bblue.gif (807 bytes) Processes worth keeping
bblue.gif (807 bytes) Processes requiring amendment/s
bblue.gif (807 bytes) Areas for improvement.
bblue.gif (807 bytes) Provide all staff with the opportunity to contribute their thoughts and ideas regarding the mapped processes and develop solutions. This process ensures ownership and speeds up the implementation of recommendations.
bblue.gif (807 bytes) All recommendations are modelled and a detailed implementation plan is developed with relevant stakeholders.
bblue.gif (807 bytes) Process Improvement is aimed at meeting client objectives such as reduced processing time, reduced errors, reduction in resources required to perform a process and the improved implementation of processes across the organisation. If the required objectives are not met EMD refunds all fees.

The program covers:

The Three Parts of a Process

bblue.gif (807 bytes) Flow chart and Process Map current processes.
bblue.gif (807 bytes) Check with the workforce for accuracy.
bblue.gif (807 bytes) Streamline flow chart and process map. (Improvement phase)

What next?

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