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Our Specialised Consulting Services

We are recognised for our ability to customise consulting services to meet the specific needs of an organisation.

We work closely with our clients to deliver measurable outcomes through:

b1.gif (814 bytes) Strategic advice
b1.gif (814 bytes) Hands-on implementation
b1.gif (814 bytes) Customised training
The desired business outcomes are achieved through our widely recognised expertise in:
b1.gif (814 bytes) Business strategy and plans, formulation;
b1.gif (814 bytes) Coaching managers to deliver Performance Feedback that achieve results
b1.gif (814 bytes) Change Management - strategy & implementation at all levels
b1.gif (814 bytes) Developing and implementing Corporate Scorecards and KPIs
b1.gif (814 bytes) Developing Leadership Skills
b1.gif (814 bytes) Facilitating Cooperative Workplace Change  and bargaining processes;
b1.gif (814 bytes) Increasing Commercial Awareness among staff at all levels
b1.gif (814 bytes) Individual performance feedback systems based on 360 degree reviews,
b1.gif (814 bytes) Performance-Linked Pay
b1.gif (814 bytes) Performance measurement and management;
b1.gif (814 bytes) Process re-engineering and continuous improvement processes;
b1.gif (814 bytes) Project management;
b1.gif (814 bytes) Remuneration options;
b1.gif (814 bytes) Rolling out Performance Agreements and Team KPIs that work to align individual and team work outcomes to corporate strategy
b1.gif (814 bytes) Team based work units;
b1.gif (814 bytes) Training and learning processes.

We do not have ‘off the shelf’ standard training programmes as we ‘Partner with our Clients’ to deliver the outcome they require.  


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