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Conflict Management

Conflict exists in all areas of life including organisations, both public and private. Conflict is a necessary catalyst that enhances an organisation's ability to progress and thrive in a constantly changing society. The challenge for individuals and organisations is in the response to conflict. Constructive response systems allow the individual or organisations to grow and move toward achieving ultimate goals.

EMD's Conflict Management workshop will equip individuals with the necessary skills to identify and diffuse conflict situations and to achieve positive outcomes for all parties.

Topics addressed in this workshop include:

bred.gif (807 bytes) Defining and understanding conflict conflict-mgt.jpg (9546 bytes)
bred.gif (807 bytes) Identifying underlying interests that are the causes of conflict
bred.gif (807 bytes) Typical responses that people have to conflict
bred.gif (807 bytes) Assertive vs. Aggressive
bred.gif (807 bytes) Defusing others' anger
bred.gif (807 bytes) Defusing own anger
bred.gif (807 bytes) Tools for dealing with difficult situations
bred.gif (807 bytes) Developing solutions with high ownership from both sides
bred.gif (807 bytes) The process of conflict management

What Next?

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