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Enterprise Agreements / Bargaining

In most cases, parties will negotiate their agreements without any call on outside resources. However, there may be circumstances where it makes sense to use the services of a facilitator:

bred.gif (807 bytes) A third-party presence promises to make the negotiating process more constructive and efficient – less time in bargaining, more time working; eb1.jpg (7178 bytes)
bred.gif (807 bytes) Skillful facilitators can combine negotiation, mediation, problem-solving into a seamless process;
bred.gif (807 bytes) Facilitators can be very useful where past conflict has damaged the trust relationship between the negotiators,
bred.gif (807 bytes) When negotiations are at an impasse and a fresh perspective may deliver a break-through.

The facilitator may help in the general preparation for bargaining, including information-sharing and fact-finding. During the bargaining exchange itself, the facilitator may act as mediator, reality-tester and option-provider, amongst other things.

The facilitator does not make decisions and cannot bind the parties to a particular outcome. It remains for the parties to make their own deal.

What Next?

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