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Local Area Agreements

Organisations such as Councils can be made up of a number of divisions, each of which oversees a program of activities. For example within a Council the Divisions could be as follows: Urban Management, Community and Economic Development, City Governance, Human Resource & Strategic Management and Customer and Community Services.

An Enterprise Bargaining Agreement is a broad-brush instrument – too broad, in fact, to address many of the more specific needs of the organisation's varied business constituents so Local Area Agreements were introduced to fill the gaps in the EBA scaffolding.

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LAAs are the most effective instrument available to both employees and management to achieve a mutually desired workplace outcome.

EMD's job as a facilitator is to help the parties beat a path to that mutual gain.

Our facilitators are experienced in all facets of Local Area Agreements, from putting it into context, fielding questions such as:

bred.gif (807 bytes) What distinguishes LAA agreement-making from EBA negotiations and,
bred.gif (807 bytes) How far can you go in being creative with an LAA,

and working with our clients to achieve the required outcome.

EMD has developed a manual 'The Development & Review of Local Area Agreements' which is customised to suit the needs of our clients.

What Next?

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