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Sustaining The Energy Of January Throughout The Whole Year

Christmas. Done. New Year. Done. Phew.... Holiday. Big exhale.Here we are again, poised for all that the year ahead promises and ready for any surprises. We feel restored, buoyant ... bring it on!

Chances are if you're like most of us, that holiday freshness might make it clear through to Easter when there's time for a quick recharge and off we go, again plunging headlong into the excitement of business life.

And what about that other feeling that was all too real as last year drew to a close... remember ... we probably clawed our way to years end. The weeks and months passed and we came to feel their cumulative effects ... heavy and weary, our bodies became tight, minds agitated and energies depleted. Sound familiar?

It's the stuff that inspires New Year resolutions, "This year I'm going to make sure I find a balance. I'm going to look after myself." We've all heard/made promises to quit smoking, exercise regularly, eat less sugar, spend more time with the family, learn meditation, be more attentive to our spouse/partner ... should I keep going? You already know all those promises we make to ourselves when we are refreshed, you also know how, after a few months or sometimes weeks, even the promises of positive new beginnings can become burdens in themselves.

Bringing balance, sanity into our lives doesn't work when it's a struggle so our proposal to you this year is to keep it simple and let it be achievable ... all year long.

The founder of "Stillmotion", Sally Flynn recently pointed out the growing pattern of second generation corporate health programs to enable people to keep their New Year resolution, retain employees and lift individual and company wide performance.

The first wave of corporate heath / wellbeing programs worked on a simple formula of:

bpur.gif (807 bytes) Health and fitness test;
bpur.gif (807 bytes) Dietary advice;
bpur.gif (807 bytes) Counselling if required; and
bpur.gif (807 bytes) Quit smoking assistance, gut buster programs, exercise at work.

The second generation of corporate health programs are a more effective combination physical and mental fine tuning with individual coaching. Physical exercise and relaxation & meditation is combined through Yoga. This provides the tools to cope with stress at work and at home in a much more effective manner. A great many companies are already reaping the benefits of these cost effective second generation corporate health programs.

Sally Flynn was kind enough to give me some handy tips on how to begin to manage everyday stress and in doing so maximise our energies. In this and the following two newsletters I'll share them with you. (From these tips you can see she has worked me out!)

Make The Most Effective Use Of Your Available Resources
Step One - Turn Up

How often have you appeared to be engaging with what ever is at hand but your mind is working overtime on a dozen different distractions so you can actually miss the event you're supposed to be involved with. For the next six weeks, practice being present for every conversation, every task, every moment. Like it or not, this moment is all we have to work with. Practice 'turning up'. STOP. Before each new event, meeting or conversation, pause long enough to arrive at the present moment and let it sink in ... breathe in deeply, breathe out fully and take a look at where your head's at ... without judging or comparing ... just notice how you're going. You might find it works best to punctuate the day with 'turn up moments' like at 10am, lunchtime and 4pm, moments when you consciously tune into yourself. If it's convenient you might even stand up and have a stretch ... nothing fancy, just feel how your body is going. Is it a bit tight ? Stretch the cobwebs away. Have a glass of water. Arrive fully in this moment because it's here you have the greatest access to your power and energy.

The job of waking up can only be done by us. Colleagues, friends and family might try desperately to get our attention but ultimately it's your life that's unfolding. Be here now, don't miss a minute of the experience, stay light and have a great time.

What Next?

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