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Communication Skills

When asked in a Wall Street Journal survey to identify the most important factor in their success, top US CEOs unanimously named "Communication Skills".

Focus of the Programs

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bgre.gif (807 bytes) Capability development focusing on active listening, paraphrasing, reframing, summarising and empathy
bgre.gif (807 bytes) Small group communication skills – retaining group focus, reading group dynamics, varying communication styles to maintain interest and checking understanding of the message
bgre.gif (807 bytes) Formal presentation skills – using visual and audio aids, engendering group participation and controlling an agenda


bgre.gif (807 bytes) Insight into personal communication preferences
bgre.gif (807 bytes) Ability to tailor/match communication styles to different audiences
bgre.gif (807 bytes) Actively and empathetically listen
bgre.gif (807 bytes) Reframe and effectively summarise
bgre.gif (807 bytes) Communicate effectively in small groups


Programs are customised to suit our clients and are based on workshops which are complimented by a combination of face-to-face and over the phone coaching.

What Next?

If you are interested in more information please give us a call on +61 412 026 909 and ask to speak to one of our consultants. 

Alternatively e-mail us at info@emdgroup.com.au or use the form on our Contact Us page..


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