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Sales Skills

Sales Skills are the essence to all business success in one form or another. Sales and revenue are inextricably linked.

Leading organisations ensure that all of their staff are able to represent and sell their products and services. Be that a telephone enquiry, over the counter enquiry, service person calling on an existing customer or an account enquiry are all opportunities to represent and make a sale.

Our sales programs focus on improving sales skills relevant to different organisational positions ranging from service personal to sales staff.

Learning Objectives

bgre.gif (807 bytes) Refocus and refresh sales staff around the core, priority areas of sales success.
bgre.gif (807 bytes) Provide staff with the tools to deal with the most difficult aspects of the sales process.
bgre.gif (807 bytes) Provide staff with the opportunity to contribute their sales experiences and successes.


Through our 1 day workshop, which starts with an energiser activity and runs through the focus for the day, we cover the basic rules of sales:

bgre.gif (807 bytes) do your customer research, sales-1.jpg (8551 bytes)
bgre.gif (807 bytes) ask questions and listen for needs,
bgre.gif (807 bytes) explain the benefits to the customer,
bgre.gif (807 bytes) embrace objections,
bgre.gif (807 bytes) be persistent and adjust your close.

We specialise in Relationship Selling and participants take part in a role play to reinforce their learnings. This is filmed and a group debriefing session is held.

At the end of the day a 'Common approach to the Sales Process' is formulated.

EMD tailors the program to suit difference groups of people.

What Next?

If you are interested in more information please give us a call on +61 412 026 909 and ask to speak to one of our consultants. 

Alternatively e-mail us at info@emdgroup.com.au or use the form on our Contact Us page.


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