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Time Management

With ever increasing pressure and workloads, it is vital that all employees are able to manage their time and task priorities in an effective and efficient manner.

EMD consultants tailor a program to suit individual clients specific needs and focuses attention on the best ways to manage time and task priorities in order to increase productivity and efficiency and to achieve deadlines.

Some of the topics include:

bgre.gif (807 bytes) Allocating & Prioritising Tasks
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bgre.gif (807 bytes) Competing Activities
bgre.gif (807 bytes) Values, Attitudes and Time Management
bgre.gif (807 bytes) Changing Habits
bgre.gif (807 bytes) Misconceptions About Time Management
bgre.gif (807 bytes) The Three Phases of the Time Management Plan
bgre.gif (807 bytes) Time Audit Report

Outcomes you can expect to achieve include:

bgre.gif (807 bytes) Identification of habits which help or hinder you in the management of your time;
bgre.gif (807 bytes) Identification of time wasters & development of appropriate strategies;
bgre.gif (807 bytes) Knowledge and understanding of the appropriate tools to assist in the allocation of project tasks.
bgre.gif (807 bytes) Knowledge and understanding of the appropriate tools to assist in the prioritisation of project tasks for completion.
bgre.gif (807 bytes) More efficient use of time
bgre.gif (807 bytes) Better prioritising of tasks
bgre.gif (807 bytes) Unlearning habits that are time killers

How do the programs work?

Our techniques draw on the latest research in adult learning. They are interactive and relevant, drawing on simulation exercises and self-evaluation to accelerate learning. Participants work in small groups to develop practical solutions to day-to-day problems.

What Next?

If you are interested in more information please give us a call on +61 412 026 909 and ask to speak to one of our consultants. 

Alternatively e-mail us at info@emdgroup.com.au or use the form on our Contact Us page.


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