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KPI Meetings

KPI deployment needs to occur in an integrated manner at all levels across the organisation, and it needs to be perceived as an integral part of achieving excellence based on partnership and empowerment. KPI Meetings therefore form an integral role in focussing attention on and improving understanding and performance outcomes.

The objectives of KPI meetings are to:

bpur.gif (807 bytes) Ensure successful implementation of KPIs on a team level;
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bpur.gif (807 bytes) Review progress on KPIs;
bpur.gif (807 bytes) Analyse causes for results on the KPIs;
bpur.gif (807 bytes) Generate creative alternatives and solutions through team work;
bpur.gif (807 bytes) Cause people to take responsibility;
bpur.gif (807 bytes) Agree on targets and timelines through a team action plan;
bpur.gif (807 bytes) Build commitment to team decisions.

EMD's KPI Meetings workshops will provide participants with the methodology and skills to facilitate constructive and effective KPI meetings with their teams by focussing on:

bpur.gif (807 bytes) KPIs and the purpose of using them in teams
bpur.gif (807 bytes) The structure of KPI review meetings
bpur.gif (807 bytes) How to run a KPI meeting
bpur.gif (807 bytes) KPI reporting and tracking progress

EMD will tailor the program around your organisation's performance management system. This will serve to reinforce the processes already in place.

What Next?

If you are interested in more information please give us a call on +61 412 026 909 and ask to speak to one of our consultants. 

Alternatively e-mail us at info@emdgroup.com.au or use the form on our Contact Us page.


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