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Performance Coaching

Is there a member of your management team who is extremely talented at their job but generates more than their fair share of complaints from team members?

This coaching program will:

bpur.gif (807 bytes) Assist to improve their current leadership style, taking into account different gender requirements; performance-coaching.jpg (7722 bytes)
bpur.gif (807 bytes) Develop skills to improve performance management of their direct reports. These skills can be used for the implementation and rolling out of the scorecard (KPIs) within in the organisation;
bpur.gif (807 bytes) Increase their understanding of how to motivate others (when managing change);
bpur.gif (807 bytes) Provide them with an increased appreciation of the diversity of people being managed and how to use this to increase their performance;
bpur.gif (807 bytes) Improve their understanding of theoretical models of communication and management to assist in dealing with people and improve their performance; and
bpur.gif (807 bytes) Increase their skills and knowledge of leadership.

The program commences by:

bpur.gif (807 bytes) Identifying the issues facing the subject.
bpur.gif (807 bytes) Making an assessment of their capacity to change.
bpur.gif (807 bytes) Developing a coaching approach.

The Program is then customised to suit the person in question.

Coaching Objectives & Focus

bpur.gif (807 bytes) Team Dynamics
bpur.gif (807 bytes) Leadership style
bpur.gif (807 bytes) Key issues identified by the subject
bpur.gif (807 bytes) People management
bpur.gif (807 bytes) Improved Formal Communication Process
bpur.gif (807 bytes) Responsibilities
bpur.gif (807 bytes) Interpersonal skills
bpur.gif (807 bytes) Structured approach to daily management
bpur.gif (807 bytes) Application of Strategic Thinking
bpur.gif (807 bytes) Group Presentation Skills

Once the program has commenced results are monitored. This can be done by conducting regular 360 degree feedback surveys.

What Next?

If you are interested in more information please give us a call on +61 412 026 909 and ask to speak to one of our consultants. 

Alternatively e-mail us at info@emdgroup.com.au or use the form on our Contact Us page.


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