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Our Products

bblue.gif (807 bytes) 360 Degree Feedback Manual
If you want to reinforce company values and competence frameworks, create measurable benchmarks, drive new leadership styles, accurately identify training needs, monitor improvements in team working behaviours and provide more equitable and accurate performance measures, you need this manual ...
bblue.gif (807 bytes) KPI Manual
EMD's Key Performance Indicators Manual will assist you in identifying, developing and measuring key performance indicators in your organisation. Used in conjunction with EMD's KPI Scorecard Template, including a KPI Bank and Guide for Trainers, you will be well on your way ...
bblue.gif (807 bytes) KPI Scorecard Template & KPI Bank
EMD have developed a Scorecard template that is easy to use. Designed in Microsoft Excel, it takes you through a number of worksheets, all interactive and linked where you can set up your KPIs ...


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