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KPI Manual

If you drive workplace change, you’ll need this set of keys!

EMD's Key Performance Indicators Manual will assist you in identifying, developing and measuring key performance indicators in your organisation.

We developed our "version one" KPI manual  in conjunction with the Australian Government, industry and employee representative organisations in 1996 (updated in 2002 and 2005). Our work is the platform for what is considered in Australia as best practice approach to performance measurment and the utilisation of organisational and individual Scorecards.

KPIs are designed to focus on measuring these various components of performance.

The development and use of KPIs should form the basis for the analysis of your organisation's current performance, its future requirements and the improving strategies required for ongoing success.

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KPI Self-Help Manual


bgre.gif (807 bytes) How to use this manual   
bgre.gif (807 bytes) Part One: The General Principles    
bgre.gif (807 bytes) Part Two: The KPI Workbook
bgre.gif (807 bytes) Part Three: The Facilitator's Resource Kit
bgre.gif (807 bytes) Providing context for the introduction of KPIs within your organisation
bgre.gif (807 bytes) Performance Improvement   
bgre.gif (807 bytes) Key Performance Indicators
bgre.gif (807 bytes) The relationship of KPIs to scorecards    
bgre.gif (807 bytes) An introduction to Key Performance Indicators    
bgre.gif (807 bytes) The context for performance measurement    
bgre.gif (807 bytes) EMD's eight criteria is applied through a series of 4 tests   
bgre.gif (807 bytes) The context for the introduction of KPIs
bgre.gif (807 bytes) Devolution of business strategy / plan    
bgre.gif (807 bytes) Continuous process improvement    
bgre.gif (807 bytes) The contribution of KPIs to change initiatives
bgre.gif (807 bytes) Readiness to implement KPIs   
bgre.gif (807 bytes) Pursuing inclusion and empowerment    

Our KPI Manual is complemented by EMD's KPI Scorecard Template, including a KPI Bank and Guide for Trainers. With the entire package you will be able to implement an integrated performance measurement and reporting system.

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