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KPI Scorecard Template & KPI Bank

Most organisations these days have a way of measuring their performance in addition to pure financial measures. Measuring what's critical to a business is now well entrenched and is usually in the form of an organisational scorecard.

Our work with Harvard Business School and in particular with Robert Kaplan (co-author of The Balance Scorecard) has enabled us to establish effective scorecards to track performance in such organisations as Mobile Oil Aust., Integral Energy, EnergyAustralia, CS Energy, Australian Rail Track Corporation, PowerTel, Brisbane City Council, etc.

Our experience in developing and implementing Scorecards has been distilled into an easy to follow manual and a Scorecard Template. Over the years we have also collected a great number of measures which were placed in the KPI (Key Performance Indicators) Bank.

The Scorecard template is easy to use and has been designed in Microsoft Excel. These spreadsheets can be customised to include your logo, organisations colours and correct breakdown of your organisations reporting structure. It takes you through a number of worksheets, all interactive and linked where you can set up your KPIs.

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To populate the scorecard:

bgre.gif (807 bytes) Type in the KRA (Key Result Area) into the KRA column. (KRA = Key Results Area is a critical area where the organisation needs to succeed.)
bgre.gif (807 bytes) Type in the objective for the KRA (An Objective is what we want specifically to achieve under each KRA)
bgre.gif (807 bytes) Enter the KPI into the column next to the objective (a critical measure to enable you to see your progress against a particular objective).
bgre.gif (807 bytes) Then type in a measure.
bgre.gif (807 bytes) If you want to take a KPI from the KPI bank.
bgre.gif (807 bytes) Currently the KPI Bank consists of 783 KPIs. This is constantly being updated.

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bgre.gif (807 bytes) Enter the target into the box next to the measure.
bgre.gif (807 bytes) Type in the Lower and Upper limits.
bgre.gif (807 bytes) Type in the weighting for the KPI.

When it's time to record your results:

bgre.gif (807 bytes) Type the raw result in the column next to the weighting
bgre.gif (807 bytes) Type in the results as a percentage of the target
bgre.gif (807 bytes) The weighted result as % of target will calculate automatically
bgre.gif (807 bytes) Type in any comments that may be necessary to support your results

Simple and user friendly. With the Scorecard Template and KPI bank comes a guide for Trainers plus the A-Z Presentation on Establishing Scorecards

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The Scorecard Template & Bank is in Excel format. The Guide for Trainers & A-Z Presentation are in pdf format.


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